Meet Ángela

Angela is an interantionally renowed spiritual teacher, passionately and joyfully dedicated to the Tantric and Yogic path for the past 20 years.


With a blend of Spanish born fire and deep love and gratitude for this life, it is equally her joy and honour to teach, study and share Tantra.

For many years teaching both: Yoga and Tantra all over the world; She had entered a new phase now with complete dedication to Tantra. or better said: PERSONAL GROWTH TANTRA.

This is a counseling  style created by Angela, where  the main aim is to learn to connect and listen to our hearts, instead of activating the mind and getting trapped into self judgement and overthinking,

Personal Growth Tantra is a way to transcend the ego, and the little "me" and connect to our main essence.

Currently livingand sharing her teachings  in BALI for the past 12 years, Angela is offering online and presential sessions for singles and couples.