Private Tantra for Singles

Angela presents a way of consuling that is root in the ancient knowledge of Tantra.  

 She offers a spiritual approach to therapy, beyond method and tecnique, focusing on the essentials of how personal growth and transformation occurs. 

All the sessions are completly different and unique, depending on the needs of each client.

Expect the revelation of important insights using different type of tecniques (breathing exercises, meditations,dancing, drawing , feeling ...and sometimes just talkig.) and  to gain personal clarity and a new vision for your life challenges.

  She use  methods to open our inner doors to sensitivity and emotinal intelligence, as well as the realtionship dynamics between man and women and the inner male-female polarity.

. Tantra gives you the gift of quality time to explore, heal, open up and transform.

She has being studing and teaching Tantra for the past 20years. Her ways have change and evolve overtime, adating the old Tantra for the new generation of human race.