My Teacher: Prem Baba

My beloved Guru, my teacher, the light in my path:

Sri Prem Baba


Sri Prem Baba is a master teacher in the Sachcha spiritual lineage of northern India. Born and raised in Brazil, Prem Baba worked as a humanistic psychologist, yoga teacher, and shaman before his arrival in India. Prem Baba works to build bridges between spirituality and psychology, East and West. His talks help us to open the heart, to observe ourselves, to integrate our shadow and to connect with the Divine.


Prem Baba offers a rigorous and practical form of psycho-spiritual work called the “Path of the Heart” that allows us to go beyond fear and ego to love and compassion. The path involves the purification and integration of the lower self through self-investigation, thus enabling joy to be sustained. Prem Baba is dedicated to helping people become channels of divine love by giving their talents and gifts to the world and thus fulfilling their true purpose in life.

"The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see."

Prem Baba spends many months a year in India at the ashrams of the Sachcha lineage, where he offers daily satsangs and blessings. He continues his work in Brazil, where he has built the Sachcha Mission Ashram near São Paulo and offers spiritual intensives. He also travels extensively around the world, giving talks and intensives to an increasing number of people from all backgrounds and religious traditions.


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“May the divine light illuminate your heart. May you eliminate from your soul all wounds of exclusion and abandonment. May you remember your true loving nature. May love express itself through you and spread in all directions, without the need to receive anything in return. And may trust illuminate the darkness of attachment, so that you may come to experience the freedom of bliss. I bow myself in reverence towards that Supreme Being that inhabits each one of you. Namaste!”
Prem Baba